Friday, September 2, 2011

Confessions of a long swimmer

This post is goofy and short. You don't have to read another word.

Today was my long swim of 2.4 miles. Again. Back and forth in the pool. Plenty of time for crazy ass thoughts to go through my mind for 170 laps. Some good. Some bad. And some somewhere in between. Now depending on who you are and how these thoughts relate to you also depends on whether they are good or bad.

Let's go.

Well no open lanes. I see the kids are having early morning swim team practice. Eight lanes and they take up four. One lane is just being used by two kids. Must be the slow learners. I wish school started earlier.

Hey here's a lane I can possibly split. Yes she agrees. Chat session with a friend about Augusta being sold out. Off and swimming. A little bit cold to start out.

Well let's see was that lap one or two. I don't feel tardy. I think I will do spin after this. Just for 30 minutes though. That lady next to me has a weird stroke. Is she having a stroke? Guess not. Was that lap 9 or 10?

Candy-O. I need you. You know if I figure out a way to fix that pipe then I can use that on the up swing. Hey what do you know. Lap 30. Already?

Who is it that is taking it back to the old school. I sure miss hearing from my mother. What would she think right about now. Just be happy John. Lap 45. Alrighty now.

The mountain is high. The valley is low. And I am confused on my lap count now. Dang it. Is that guy in the next lane trying to race.

It's been an hour already.

Should I let Showdance write a quest post. I think I will. That would be fun to read what he has to say. He wants to cover topics like texting. Friends and futuristic hobbledegoo. I have no idea what that is but I can't wait to see.

What the hell is Whakken? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough already. That's it. 170 laps. I spin now. All done.

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  1. Funny guy! I've only swam 2 miles.. haven't gone past that. Someday.