Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Success

I will have to say that I had a very successful training weekend. Here is how it ran and rolled.

Saturday morning I wanted to get up over an hour early before my run just to experiment again with nutrition. I got up just under an hour. I still drank an Ensure still knowing that I could be setting myself up for a 5k dash. I had debated on running at the Saturday start for the 10 miler but that extra 20 minutes of sleep is so valuable to me right now. I met at the Y. I started running with the faster group this time. I would like to think it is because I am getting faster. But they will tell me it's because they are deciding to take it easy today. Just who do they think they are....

I managed to average my first 3.6 or so at a 7:45 pace. Hello Ensure. I didn't forget about you. Honest, I didn't.

I then started the second leg with the fast group again. I dropped back a little because my mind was questioning what I was doing with this group. "You know you ain't supposed to be here." I fought the desire to slow and drop off the back. I ended up finishing that loop and the total 7 at an 8:15ish pace. I felt very good.

I met the group at Panera and had some good conversation about all kinds of stuff. Green Eggs and Ham reading, Frisbee is part of tailgating and how exciting someone is to be a 2 hour pacer for the Women's Half Marathon.

Sunday was my long ride. I met several guys at the Suncoast Trail. We headed out for a 78 mile ride. There was five of us and then after about 3 miles, there was four of them. They took off well above the pace I wanted to go. I again needed to keep my own pace for my GF training. I finished feeling pretty good physically and mentally. I concentrated even more on my nutrition and pace. I got back to the start and was going to run 4 miles. For some reason I felt even better when I realized I left my running shoes in my other car. Darn. I don't run barefoot. Not right now.

Only 45 days to go and the Dawgs suck. Fire Richt.

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