Friday, April 13, 2012

A New TRI Season....Sort Of

Tomorrow starts another Tri season for me. Well sort of. I have new focus and direction this year. I am training more for Ironman and Half Ironman distance races from now on. The sprints and such will be a thing of the past. Because of this decision, I felt it necessary to have a chat with my old friend the Sprint Triathlon.

Sprint Triathlon: Welcome back. Did you miss me?

Walt Smithendorf: Nope.

ST: Seriously? You mean after 18 years you have had enough?

WS: Nope. It's not that.

ST: Then what? Am I not enough for you?

WS: Kinda sort of.

ST: Well then do tell.

WS: I am bored with you. You don't excite me anymore. When we first met you were a challenge. I had to work hard for our mornings together. But now I can just roll out of bed to do you. You have also become expensive for just an hours workout. I need more.

ST: Bored? No challenge? Expensive? More? What if I made the swim rough? Blew more on the bike? Got you wet during the run? Let you play for free? Would that change your mind?

WS: Probably not. You would still be the same old Basic Sprint Tri.

ST: WELL then. You can go...

WS: Now. Now. Don't get mad. I found someone new and I need to focus more time on her.

ST: What? Someone new? Who is she?

WS: Ultra.

ST: Oh. Her.

WS: Yes. Her. We met last year and I fell in love. Just a little. I know she will take some time getting used to. She packs a big punch and I have to be in tip top shape to play with her. She is one of the main reasons I can't play with you that much anymore.

ST: Sure. Aren't you playing with me tomorrow? And my sister Olympia later this month?

WS: Yes I am playing with you tomorrow. I got a good deal on our date. Now your sister is different. She and I have a special bond.

ST: So that's it? We're done?

WS: Nope. I haven't totally turned my back on you. There will be some other dates out there that will be a challenge. I am just not putting much work in to spending time with the "basic" you. It would make no sense for me to focus my training on you and risk getting injured before my date with Ultra.

ST: Ultra. Well, you can only spend so much time with her before she either breaks your spirit or your wallet.

WS: Thanks. I discovered that already. She almost got my spirit on our first date and our second date has already shrunk my wallet. I realized last year that I didn't give her enough focus and the attention that she deserved. I know this year I will have to start my training earlier and have to crank it up well past what it was last year.

ST: Well good luck. I ain't mad at you. I know you will be back. Maybe not permanently but you will be back. They all come back and yet some never leave.

WS: Thank you. See you in the morning.

That went easier than I thought it would. This was a conversation that had to happen. I must break away from the same old same old. I have been known to get easily bored. That's probably why I have so many books with the page turned within the first 20 pages.

I am focusing on the bigger races now. I know the bigger races take more training time and focus and I can't spare it on the sprints. I see friends of mine who train, train, train and end up injured. Injuries happen I suppose but if I can minimize that by choosing when and what to train for then I may avoid one.