Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Showdance Time....

Walt has given me the privilege to hijack his blog for a few postings. And now that I have his password, I shall peak in here and there and sprinkle some good words. I will give you my insight on entertainment, happenings, things that may piss me off and whatever else I feel like rambling about.

My first post will be about none other than TEXTING. That's right. The new mode of communicating. Well not so new since there is tweeting.

When did we stop talking to each other? I will admit there are times that I don't want to talk to some people and have no problem with a quick K or LMTFA.

I was out one night at a restaurant with my good friend Kirt doing some people watching. I saw this couple sitting at a table. I could not tell whether they were on a date or not. After they placed their order, she pulled out her cell phone and started texting. I mean really. What was so damn important that it couldn't wait until they left the place? She didn't look like no baby delivering person. Would it have hurt to put the phone in her purse.

What does that say about him. Is he that damn boring that she needed to have a conversation with someone else. I suppose it would be no different than him watching football while she. Well been there done that.

I know this father that has a no cell phone rule while at dinner. Whether it be out or in for dinner. He claims that has worked very well. No phones at the table. He said it is amazing how fast the kids will eat just to get back to the phones.

And texting while driving. Is it really that important to risk your life or someone else's just so you can type where you are going to be in 10 minutes. Call the damn person. It would take less time than typing.

I heard there was this man out west that lost his wife and two teenage daughters in a car wreck. Seems a guy was having an argument with his girlfriend over a misunderstanding of a text interpretation. This guy did not see the red light and plowed right in to the side of a car killing three women. He survived. At least until he was released from the hospital. He has not been seen since. Just sayin'. Is it worth it?

I will admit that I do text and also text while driving. Trying to say I do it at a red light or in traffic really gives me no excuse.

Misinterpretation of texts. I think we do this all the time. How many of you have gotten yourself in to all kinds of hot water because a text was taken the wrong way? People say you can capatalize a text to show emotions. Balogny. Simple words are just that. If that is the case then why aren't books written without punctuation. Or descriptions of surroundings or of the speakers emotions. One hell of a long text if you did that. If you don't understand the text call the person before you start finger banging the phone til you draw blood.

Read again what you type before you send. You can't take it back. Kind of gives you a safety blanket before you text out of anger. Save it in a draft for later if in doubt.

Make sure you are sending the text to the right person. Yikes. I b ther @ 7. I cnt make dnr. wrk late. Guess what happened there. Randolph was busted.

And delete your texts. Do you really need to store them for ever and a day. As a reminder? A reminder of what? Days gone by? Evidence? Do you remember what you texted me 3 weeks ago? Oh you don't. Well look right here. Do you remember now? Well you must have deleted the one that said KMA. I know these new "smart phones" are all the rage but they don't make you any smarter. You never know who is going to happen to use your phone and may see something you did not want to share.


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