Saturday, August 27, 2011

Look for the corner pieces first.....

Wow. More than one post this month. Something is going on. Not sure if it is good or not but right about now I will take it.

This morning I ran the short 7 miler with some of the Brandon Running runners. For me these short Saturday runs turn in to a speedy 5k to the first water stop and then a slower run to finish. That was not going to be my plan today but as nature and nutritional tuning will have it, things change. I decided to drink a vanilla Ensure about an hour before I started running and the Ensure was wanting to run now. And coincidentally, a fellow runner was also having some #2 issues. There was going to be a race to the bathroom at the water stop. So now there was an unofficial 5k underway. Brandon Bathroom Dash 2011.

I let him take off with the lead. I know he has a tendency to lead out a little too fast. With about a mile left, I passed him and told him that I would be getting to the bathroom first. I also let him know there were two bathrooms so he should be fine. Little did he know that one of the two men's rooms was always locked. There was the women's bathroom as an option.

So I arrive first and take my seat at the stop. I then hear the locked door get banged on. Then my door gets banged on. I told him to use the ladies. Turns out he did. Poor ladies. I then asked him how it was. He said it was pretty nice. There were hand towels and a scented candle. Damn Them.

Well anyways, I had a pretty good run and post run yap session. This ironman thing feels like it is coming together pretty good. Like one big puzzle, work on the easy pieces first.

I am reminded of what Trent told me. "Every day is exactly the same."


  1. glad you had a good run - mine was brutal!!

  2. I hope you learned a lesson about the reason why old people drink Ensure first thing in the morning!

  3. Hmmm. He must have taken the towels and the candle then. I used that bathroom a little later and there wasn't anything but a big spider and no soap in there.