Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day off is good and recommended....I read somewhere.

I took the day off of training this morning. Since my long runs are now on Wednesday mornings, I figure I might as well take Tuesday off to let the legs, arms, back and all else have a rest day. I felt a little guilty about it but it did not last long. I could always spin or swim if need be. Or not.

Yesterday morning I swam 1300 yards just to start the week. I then ran hills Monday evening with the BRA group. I have started back doing hills since Jan suggested it would help. I would have to agree. This is the fourth week back at the hills and i have noticed an improvement. I have been surging up the hills and then relaxing on the flats and the downhills until last night. Dorcas, one of the BRA runners, was running with me. I would pass her on the hills and then she would go by me on the downhills. I guess she had seen enough of this and yelled at me about giving in to the downhill and let the momentum take me down the hill. I gave this a try and it sure worked. This will be my new hill plan.

I have recently begun to mentally focus more on this long tri I have coming. I like it. I still have other matters to deal with but like I said earlier, all the pieces fall in to place. Just let it happen and don't force it. Why get all worked up. In the end are you really going to need it.

I have my long run of 18 miles in the a.m. I have been visualizing the route in my head all day. Not that I am worked up about it. I am just wanting to make sure I don't short myself or run too damn far. The only downside about moving my long runs to the middle of the week is that they are done alone. Just me and the ipod from here on out. All of the BRA runners do their long ones on Saturday mornings and it is tough for me to do that and turn around the next day for a long bike ride. Oh well. An ironman is an individual sport when it comes down to it. Right?

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