Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does the weather matter?

Well hell yeah it does. This morning was my long run of 16ish miles. I started at around 5:15 with the temperature at about 73. That made a big difference this time around. And I also changed up the frequency of my fluid intake.

I ran out a mile and a half. Got water at the usual stop. I then ran out another mile and back to the water. I did this again and then back to the start for some Accelerade mixed with Carboplex. This combo has been working for me lately. Took in a Gu and then off for another 3ish to the next water stop. Another Gu and back to the Y. I cut out two hills but not the distance. I didn't feel bad about dissing the hills since I did the hill workout Monday night.

I felt pretty darn good until about 13ish mile. A little queezy in the gut but sucked it up back to the start. Got some more Accelerade and then headed off for the final 3. So 16+ in the books today.

I have some minor aches but just because of the distance. It is something when you have to put on your underwear and shorts by dropping them on the floor and using your toes to get your feet in the holes. And for those of you that were introduced to the "Twins" on a previous post, they are just a little heated right now. I shall leave you with that lovely visual.

I have realized that when I am a good dog I sometimes get thrown a bone.

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