Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pre-Ragnar or Captain Got Some Work To Do

Totally NO PRESSURE....

My first experience with Ragnar Florida was last year when I rode the bicycle during the night runs for Van 1 of the 12 Hearts team. The 12 Hearts team was the "fast" team from Brandon Running Association. They were hoping to win the race. Turns out they were the first losers which means "second place" in politically correct terms.

At the end of the race I realized I really wanted to do this race next year as a runner. But I also knew that I was not fast enough to be on the 12 Hearts team. Well, I felt I was fast enough but I was not picking the team. So I thought that if I volunteered to be a Captain of a team then I was assured a spot on the roster. It's kind of like when we were kids on the playground getting ready to play kickball. If you were always one of the two that picked the teams then you were guaranteed not to be picked last.

Before the Summer, we had one of our monthly BRA meetings and Ragnar was brought up. Of course the "fast team" was laying their groundwork on who they were going to get to fill the gaps in because some of last years runners would not be available this year. Well of course the gaps were left by women that were either out of the country, prior work commitments or just too damn slow last year. Again, no open spot for Walter. Time to change course.

There were others that did Ragnar last year on a different team that wanted to do it again this year but not with the same people. Kind of a Mutiny on the S. S. Ragnar. These same few did not want to be a Captain but did want to help out in any way. I heard my name mentioned in the background as being a Captain for a second BRA team. I welcomed the challenge. That was part of my plan. Little did they know, I had been recruiting a team for some time. But things would be different on my team. No worries. No stress. We were not expected to win so I only wanted each runner to give it their best. And most of all, NO PRESSURE.

Now picking eleven more people to be together for a run across Florida was a challenge. The struggles and sacrifices I made were astounding. Now I am sure my teammates are reading this and saying....WTH. But until you have walked a mile in my shoes. Anyways....

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  1. WTH is right!!! What are these alleged struggles? I know that I was a pleasure to run with. :) (But maybe not bike with!)

  2. Oh the biking will not be left out...

  3. Totally funny intro, dude. Looking forward to hearing about your running adventures as well as everything else.

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  4. Oh you never fail to provide controversy, Capt Nut! (love it!)
    You're like the next Perez Hilton - velvet shorts an all! :-D