Thursday, December 24, 2009

Can of Sardines or Did We Forget Anything?

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

This is a small continuation of the previous blog as it relates to the packing of Van 2. Apparently I did not provide enough information to the "blog world" about our preparations prior to our departure for Tarpon Springs. In other words, my Van 2 teammates were on my ars about some short comings.

While Van 1 is figuring out where to put the kitchen sink in their van, all six of Van 2's crew are standing at the rear of our van looking puzzled. How do we fit all of our stuff, keeping in mind we have three women so that is an automatic 9 bag addition, in our van without putting Steve's hobo sack on the roof. We have a tent, sleeping bags, gym bags, bags of shoes, bags of clothes, bags of food, bags of girlie things, a tire swing, pillows, blankets, towels, make-up kits, glow lamps, lava lamps, smelly sprays, phone chargers, rope, tape, fireworks, works of art, knapsacks, napkins, camera gear, hiking gear, gears of war, magazines, books, book ends, those things that go bump in the night, and we even had that damn needle in the haystack. Which by the way we never found.

Needless to say we packed, packed and repacked the van. We even packed some more because just as the door was being closed I would hear, "I need something from my bag which is on the bottom before we get going. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I have just got to show you what I brought for the trip. Did anyone see my leggings?" A note to my team for next year. Please pack two bags. One bag with stuff you won't need until we are finished and the other bag is a stuff you think you need but probably won't use but just got to have bag.

Now if you have ever owned or rented a mini-van, I am hear to tell you that they have come a long way. You would be surprised with the amount of crap you can fit in one of these things and still seat six comfortably. One bit of advice though. The new vans have hidden storage compartments. Some are rather large. It is good to discover these prior to packing and departure. Not when you are turning the van back in.

We are officially all loaded up and ready to go. But wait, being the father of two girls I must say something that I have said before any trip for atleast the last 14 years . It is something near and dear to my heart. "If anyone has to go to the bathroom you better go now. Because I ain't stopping til we get there." Boy did that van empty quick. Loaded again and now headed to Tarpon Springs. There is excitement in the air. For now that is a pleasant smell.

Next: Let the Journey Begin or Painter's vs. Electrical


  1. That's much better. And for the record, I did hold my bladder til the next stop like a good girl. :)

  2. Great post! This one is better at explaining to non-Half Nutters about the experience.

    Still looking for that damn needle...

  3. Who brought the "work of art"?? It had to be Shorty-Shorts Millionaire!