Friday, November 23, 2012

Recap Training

I was recently told that my recaps seem to be a little late and other times there are no recaps when there should be. So I figured I might as well just recap all kinds of stuff just to get back in the groove. So here goes a recap of my 5 mile run from this morning.
I have only run once since the Florida Ironman and have gained, on purpose, about 15 pounds as well. So several days ago I agreed to meet Dorcas this morning at 7 a.m. at the Y for the 5 mile Natures Way loop. I did not check the weather nor think it was going to be in the low 40's.
When I got up this morning I had to figure out what to wear because I needed to be warm. I decided I would wear my TRI shorts to cut down on the chafing, knee length outer shorts, a short sleeved tech shirt with a long sleeved tech shirt over that. By the way the long sleeve tech shirt was the white one from last years Brandon Half. I also wore my blueish calf sleeves, ankle socks and my Asics 1170's. Just before I left my house I decided I also needed a knit hat and another pair of socks which I would use as gloves. Socks do make good gloves. Kind of like dual purpose mittens.
I then drove to the Y. The traffic was sparse. Could be because it is Black-Friday. I still kept my speed at around 35-40 mph. I made two green lights so I figured luck was on my side.
Dorcas of course arrived running. I exited my car and yawned. The stretch caused by my yawn was all the stretching I was going to do.
We both started running towards the tennis courts. Neither one of us were wearing watches so the pace was going to be a feels good one. I like "feels good" pace runs. We made it to the tennis courts with relative ease. No complaints on my end and none from her that she wanted to admit. I took two sips of water from that water fountain that is by the parking lot. We then continued our run. I felt pretty good at the first mile marker. I decided to continue to run the same pace. I felt pretty good to the second mile marker. There is a hill just before the second mile marker. Have you ever noticed there is a fenced area on the left if you are running up the hill?
We continued our run back to the Y. I picked up the pace a little with a mile to go. We made it back to the ball field parking lot entrance without any incidents of noteworthy. I suggested we start walking as we got to the parling lot. Dorcas agreed. We walked for about 100-150 yards to where I was parked. We must have talked for what seemed like 5 minutes. And to think this loop again in the a.m.

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