Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can I Borrow Your Soap?

I was finally down to my last long workout session week. My last long swim before the race. Now I say long swim only because it is a 2 miler. I will swim a couple more 2000 yarders before the race but I don’t consider those long swims anymore. Not too sound like I am bragging but after swimming 2 miles in open water, 2000 yards in a pool in nothing. Well I will say it is still kind of boring.

A while back I moved my long swims to the mornings because the open water conditions were better compared to the afternoon/evening. The winds were calmer which made for better swimming. The evening swims were like being in a washing machine. It was not fun which made me want to skip the swims. The other alternative was swimming in a pool. Back and forth I go. The story of my like it seems lately. Comparatively, the pool swims really aren’t that bad I suppose.

Since I moved my long swims to the mornings, I needed someone to swim so I wouldn’t be alone in the event something happened. Can’t trust the tourists. That’s some bad hat Harry. I was able to recruit a couple of ladies to swim with me, Jan and Karin. I like to call them “shark bait”. They make the two hour round trip a week to swim. I like to think it is to assist me in my training and give moral support but I know they get as much of a work out as I do.

I was hoping that this swim was going to be another smooth one. Nope. Recent weather put a damper on that dream. I look out at the water and it always looks calmer when standing on the shore. There were some waves as you can see in the picture but they were very deceiving. We got our wetsuits on and headed in. It always seems that we debate on who is going to start swimming so we talk for another ten minutes. I hope I don’t do this for my race. You know, “train like you’re going to race.”

During our swims we usually check on each other on the way up and the way back. It was especially important that we did it this time. The water was a bit choppy. I would swim ahead and then stop to see how they were doing. Everyone was fine all the way up.

Half way through we again would yap for a few more minutes and then head back south. I was 8 minutes faster on the way back. That is even with checking on them. It is so funny how we end up outside of each other. Inside of each other. Ahead. Behind. Thank goodness the tri swims have those big orange floaty things to sight on.

Once the swim is over it is now my favorite time. Showering with the ladies. Okay, I know it is outside but not many people can say they shower with two women once a week. In all seriousness, I am very appreciative of those two for giving me company during the long swims. They both want to continue this weekly adventure until the water is too cold. I am in. If only I could keep up with Jan on the long runs I wouldn’t be doing those with only Tiesto.

I have realized that I am starting to increase my confidence on this race. I have no set time goals other than under 17 hours. It’s my first and as of now will not be my last. I have a whole new perspective on triathlons, the training and the results I see. I also have a new list of races that I want and will do.

Coming soon: “The Death of a Captain. Or Early Retirement.”

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