Monday, May 2, 2011

The Streak Continues....

Yesterday I finished my, what seems like 50th, 16th St Anthony's Triathlon in a row. St. Anthony's is an Olympic distance tri which usually consists of a 1.5k swim, 40k bike and a 10k run. I say usually because the past few years the swim course has been cancelled, shortened and deadly. This year, due to high winds, the swim was moved and shorted to a 1k. My time of 2:31 was about average for me but I am done settling for average.

I will admit that I have grown tired of this race. Not the race itself because the course and venue are great. It is the mentality I have when it comes to training for this race. Since I have finished it so many times I am of the mindset that "oh I can finish that with no problem." That is true but it causes me to lose focus on training and I basically roll out of bed race morning and go do it. And it never fails that when I get half way through the run I start to wish I had ran more. No one to blame but me. Imagine if I totally trained for this race what I could accomplish. Well anyways, I digress.

This years race was no exception. A great, short, swim. A better than average, windy, bike. Followed by guessed it. Slower run. I still averaged a 9:08 pace for a 10k but I know I can do better. I get frustrated when I pass all these guys on the bike and they turn around and pass me on the run. I shall work on that.

There were great moments yesterday. Several people from the BRA running group competed, very well I must say, in their first Olympic distance triathlon. All of them did say they would do it next year. We should also move our tent closer to the finish line so we can all cheer on our friends as they finish. There was also a guy that used to weigh 500 pounds cross the finish line. The race also has a Challenged Athletes division. This will humble you watching the Challenged Athletes cross the finish line. As a side note, I first started doing triathlons the year after I watched the St Anthony's Triathlon 17 years ago. Seeing people giving it their all and realizing that I could do the same if I just tri(ed) got me motivated.

I now need a new goal to focus on. I have decided to participate in my first Ironman distance triathlon this year. The Great Floridian in Clermont, Florida on Oct 22. I realize that I can't just roll out of bed and do that race. I must train and get my mind right well before September. I say this as I am eating two pieces of cheesecake, but what the hell today is my birthday. I am not getting any younger and the Ironman triathlon is next on the tri ladder.

Famous first words, "starting tomorrow" I will begin my Ironman training journey. This will have to include running more than twice a month. I should also watch what I eat as well. That does not mean I will totally give up the McDouble. Just not more than one a week. I am allowed a cheat day you know. Oh and I will have to cut back on beer. Not too much since I homebrew now and I must taste test what I make. It's the right thing to do before allowing others to drink what I make.

Steps To The Rave.......


  1. I thought the home brew was a joke. I want a taste! I believe you will dig deep and find within yourself what it takes to train for an Ironman. I am in awe, as I am struggling to figure out why I signed up for a half! Can't wait to hear all about the training and the race! Please keep writing. And congrats on your 16th St. As! See you out there next year!

  2. Very excited for your next endeavor Captain and wishing you a happy birthday from the mitten! Congrats on St. A's #16!