Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Painter's or Electrical?

What should Van 2 do now for the next 6-7 hours. That was the question once Van 1 rode off in the distance from Fred Howard Park for their first legs. Should we go back home and take naps. Some of us were tire already. Should we go shopping. I mean Christmas was a month away. Should we follow Van 1 in case we were bored. Bored with this bunch. Should we go eat for a while. Shoney's or Ci Ci's. Should we go to a movie. New Moon was just released.

First things first. Let's get that van of ours decorated. That was left up to B.o.b., Red and P-Funk-U to get done. One thing I have learned about B.o.b. is that she loves to decorate stuff. Make posters. Write on sidewalks with chalk. Make pottery. She can work a kiln. Stay inside the lines when coloring. And can crochet a mean toaster blanket.

B.o.b. made three posters for our van. She brought silver garland and Christmas lights for the roof rack. She loaned the lights to Van 1. We later got some new lights and put those on and had them working for our night runs. The posters were taped on the hood and sides of the van. We were now ready to find something else to do. We only had six hours and ten minutes to fill.

Now the next paragraph is dedicated to the anonymous poster questioning my teasing methods. I actually spoke to this fellow running comrade of mine and we exchanged some good ideas about MY blog.

We were only about 4 miles from the starting line when the poster on the hood blew right off and over the van to never be seen again. Well I am sure some weekend work release person saw it but we never did. This is when we realized that we should have taped our posters using painter's tape and not electrical tape. Or never tape items on the hood. A little re-taping and we were off again.

Our first stop. Food. Some brought food and decided to dig in. Three wanted Subway. I wanted McDonalds. Now keep in mind we all have to run in a few hours but I had the longest down time. So I did not order a vanilla shake. I got the filet-o-fish meal and a McDouble. I ate it all. That was some good food. I only had to run an eight miler in eight hours.

We still had 4 or so hours to go. We stopped by the movie theater and checked what was playing and when. We could not all decide on a movie to see other than New Moon. Personally I did not want some cranked up chicks riding in the van all night after watching some half naked wolfmen on the big screen. Just sayin'....

So we ended up at Barnes and Noble. C-Steve and the Millionaire found a place to nap. I read magazines with the girls. It was like being in a live Cosmopolitan magazine. The things they talk about would make a grown man blush or wonder. P-Funk-U told me about this magazine called Smooth. I had to get one off the shelf that was not covered in plastic and brown paper. Wow. I can see where Sir Mix-A-Lot got his inspiration. Wow. Ladies never worry about something not fitting you. It will fit someone.

I got a call from Van 1 telling me that runner 6, Milsaps, was about two miles from the exchange point. Time for us to head that way.

Exchange 7 was in a parking lot where the team vans parked and waited on their runners. This was considered a big exchange since both vans would be on site. The runners actually changed on a sidewalk. Our first runner was C-Steve. He was ready to go. Band-aids and all.

Most of you guys that run out there realize that we are sissies when it comes to our nipples. Shirts, long miles and nipples do not go together without a band-aid or two. C-Steve is no different. Well maybe he is. He does not wear a shirt when he runs. He still wears the band-aids. As my mother would say, "to each his own." I would say, "that's weird."

Milsaps was in sight now. He was wearing a Where's Waldo outfit. Must have been hot in that long sleeved shirt and hat. Having fun is what I wanted from my team. He passes the slap bracelet off to C-Steve and now Van 2 is on our way.

Teaser alert: Van 2's First Legs.....


  1. Hmmmm, band aids and no shirt? Oh, I get it, so his nerps don't get chaffed by teh wind because he runs so fast!

    That photo is priceless. The ladies are smiling it up for the camera and you well, you are concentrating very hard on teh above mentioned Smooth mag...

  2. You forgot the part where you took pictures of the magazine with my camera when I walked away and now I have butts all over my camera!!!!

  3. Uh, I don't remember giving you the idea of the Smooth magazine. But maybe you're right. Maybe I had to pry away the Home & Garden magazine from your fingers first.

    You also forgot to mention what the guys were doing while the girls were decorating the van. Oh yeah, that's right. Nothing.

  4. van 2's stuff got blown away . . .